Astrid Joosten gets gram after fierce criticism: ‘Who the hell is Angela de Jong?’

Angela de Jong

The presenter, who is better known for the knowledge quiz 2 for 12, formed a duo with Paul de Leeuw until last summer. For six months they presented the talk show together on Friday evening On 1.

Much to Angela de Jong’s chagrin. ‘A journalistic talk show is not a shelter for unemployed TV comedians. And it’s not 2 for 12 where the viewer at home pleasantly puzzles along to the correct answer’, she wrote at the time in her column for the AD. And: ‘A solid interview is not directly part of their core competencies.’

Astrid Joosten

In de Volkskrant Astrid returns to that for the first time. “You know, I don’t care much for criticism in the media,” she says. “I actually only listen to a small group around me. I myself am my biggest critic: I look back on everything.”

But was there any truth to the TV reviewer’s criticism? “In our first broadcasts I saw that we were looking: what will that Friday tone be, how do you package it in interviews?” she admits.


Yet she sees a return at On 1 do sit. “That is certainly an option. I’ve also done less entertaining broadcasts, with Hugo Logtenberg, when Sophie Hilbrand was ill. That went well.”

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