Astrologer Lolita Žukienė on May 16. Lunar Eclipse: The effects will be felt for more than one day

The eclipse will take place on the Scorpio sign, the Scorpio-Taurus axis, relationships and activities will be activated. The eclipse will enhance the mirror effect, the karmic response to past words and actions.

How to prepare for him?

1. Release the painful past. It lives only in your memories. Forgive yourself and others mistakes, thank for the lesson of life.

2. Write down one trait that interferes with you, your habit, or character trait that you want to change within yourself. Say goodbye to it and burn that leaf in the fireplace or candlelight.

3. Give up just the sad thing about you. Whether it’s your grown-up dress, a habit that interferes with you, or something reminiscent of the pain of parting. Let only those things surround you that evoke good emotions, joyful memories.

4. This is the right time to rethink, reload your relationship, like suitcases. Forsake him that vexed him with the beloved. Strengthen in them love and gratitude, compassion, and respect for the friend of your life. Let these qualities form the basis of your relationship, from which, like empty shells, former reproaches, remorse, mistakes of the past will fall. Purify them.

And if the relationship between two people for a long time only hurts, hurts, is toxic to both, and you no longer see their future, you have tried everything to improve them, you can no longer be together, it’s time to respectfully, say goodbye with gratitude, release past, free each other from everyday pain and continue to turn in different ways of life?

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5. Remember and write down the five things you are grateful for and put that note in your notebook so you can always remember when you open it. A sense of gratitude for what we thank brings even more to our lives. For what you sincerely thank the Creator for the Universe.

6. Remind yourself that difficulties are passing clouds that cover the sun. The time will come and they will fade from your Sun, just as the lunar eclipse will end. As you prepare for the future joyous phase of your life, you will attract it faster into your life.

That’s what you want to wish.