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Astronomers have recorded the mysterious movement of Jupiter – Technology

Jupiter made an abnormal maneuver and went into a new orbit
about 4.5 billion years old, they found out Swedish astrophysicists, who spent
computer simulation of the birth of the solar system.

The researchers found that Jupiter at that time was
the size of the modern Earth, and the giant itself was formed in orbit at four
times farther from the sun than it is now and only then did the journey
on the solar system, writes Astronomy & Astrophysics.

The data was obtained after studying the asymmetric
distributions of Trojan asteroids orbiting Jupiter. Trojan
Asteroids consist of two groups of thousands of objects of different sizes.
They are located on both sides of the gas giant.

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In this case, before Jupiter, Trojan asteroids by about 50%
more than behind him. Modeling showed that asymmetry could
arise only if Jupiter was formed much further from
The sun

Calculations show that the migration of Jupiter took about
700 thousand years, and the journey deep into the solar system took place in a spiral. Main
The cause of movement was the gravitational forces of the gas, which surrounded the young
the planet.


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