The Aswan International Film Festival has announced that it will begin receiving films wishing to participate in the festival's third festival, which will be held from 20 to 26 February 2019. The director of the festival, Hala Galal, said that the festival will continue to receive films through its website Until November 20, showing that the long films are more than 60 minutes, and the short films are less than 60 minutes. Hala pointed out that the films must be advanced to participate in the festival did not display inside Egypt, a public display of any kind, The film is about a woman's case, or a woman's safety Of the film, both the output level or Ketabh.oodavc: The first festival includes competitions for long films (nonfiction – Documentary – Move), and the second short film (nonfiction – Documentary – Move), in addition to the official section out of the competition.


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