Asylum and immigration: the Valérie Pécresse counterproposal


POLITICAL SCANNING – While the asylum and immigration bill is being examined in the Assembly and the Republicans are organizing their convention on this subject on Wednesday, Valérie Pécresse has made 11 proposals “to regain control of our migration policy”.
After a first notebook on the medical deserts and a note on the university, the movement Free! Valérie Pécresse puts 11 proposals on the table that combine “firmness”, “credibility” and “humanity” to regain “control of migration policy”, can we read in the document that was procured Le Figaro. “We are proposing a more comprehensive and firm project than that of the government,” explains the vice president of Libres !, Maël de Calan, who coordinated the work with Patrick Stefanini. “The speech of the Minister of the Interior is a speech of firmness. But beyond words, the first signals sent are not up to the situation. On essential subjects (the fight against white marriages, the reduction of family reunification, the inclusion in the law of a list of safe countries for which asylum can not be requested, the fight against illegal immigration, the increase of the deportations to the border …), it seems to make the choice of the laxism “, laments Maël de Calan. To toughen family reunification, Valérie Pécresse proposes to increase the minimum residence period to 2 years and to increase the minimum level of resources required by 25 to 50%. The “Freedom!” Movement associated with LR also proposes an annual debate in Parliament on immigration, “and to pass a law of orientation including objectives by category of immigration”. “We propose to organize at the same time a system by points to favor those which our economy needs, and which are the most able to integrate”, states the vice-president. “For example, 100,000 asylum applications were registered in 2017 (including 7,700 Albanians, 4,900 Haitians, 3,200 Ivorians …). About two thirds of these requests will be rejected, but the vast majority of applicants will never leave the territory, “further details Mael de Calan. ● The inscription of “safe countries” in the law The 11 proposals include the request for the inclusion in the law of a list of safe countries for which applications can not be considered. “The unsuccessful asylum will be systematically expelled,” argues Mael de Calan. For Libres !, the period of administrative detention should be extended 45 days to 6 months, against three months in the government bill. ● A report file to combat white marriages If some proposals of Libres! These are reminiscent of those of the different primary candidates on the right and center, others are newer. Like the fight against white and gray marriages by setting up a report file under the aegis of the prosecutor’s office “in case of suspicion or refusal of a registrar to celebrate the marriage”. “Nearly 50,000 visas are issued each year to” French families “, mainly in the context of binational marriages. The fight against white marriages (fraudulent) and gray marriages (sentimental scams) must be increased, “reads the proposals. Like the application of penal sentences. ● The reform of the conditions for acquisition of nationality and land rights To reform the conditions of acquisition of nationality, Libres! proposes several lines of thought. With regard to foreigners born abroad, the minimum period of residence in France required of a naturalization candidate should be increased to 8 years, as is the case in Germany. “The Republic must obviously oppose any naturalization since the assimilation of the applicant will not be established (control of the French, respect for our values, especially gender equality, etc …)”, can we still read in the proposals. The movement also proposes to condition the acquisition of nationality to the absence of a criminal conviction and a reform of the law of the soil for children born in France. They must have at least one of the two parents in a regular situation at the time of their birth. A provision that aims including Mayotte and Guyana. In early March, traveling to Mayotte, Laurent Wauquiez had also proposed to go out for Mayotte “conditions of application of the law of soil and come back to a common sense principle. When a child is born here of clandestine parents it can not lead to the granting of French nationality, “he said. ● Replace the AME and the sick foreign residence card Valérie Pécresse’s movement also proposes to “replace the sick foreign residence permit” by “exceptional regularization for humanitarian reasons” decided by the prefects, taking into account the offer of care in the countries of origin. “According to the Court of Accounts, up to 90% of” foreign sick “claimants in some departments are rejected asylum,” says Maël de Calan. “We also propose to replace the AME (State Medical Aid, which provides social security for illegal immigrants) with a new refocused device on the fight against epidemics and medical emergencies,” he says. Another aspect of these proposals is the supervision of unaccompanied minors, while this “device is increasingly diverted both by young adults who are lying about their age, and by families who use a minor to settle progressively. in our country, “Judge Mael de Calan. “We demand that the state fully commit itself to the side of the departments, to evaluate with all the means at its disposal, if the people concerned are very minor, and actually unaccompanied.” At the European level, Valérie Pécresse would like to see the introduction of a European visa and residence permit (modeled on the US ESTA), to triple the number of Frontex staff, the European Border and Guard Agency. -côtes.


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