At a shocking price.. a Japanese company unveils the first flying motorcycle

Even after many years of the invention of the plane, the dream of flying still dominates humans, as a Japanese company revealed the first flying motorcycle, which was shown at the Detroit Auto Show in the United States, and Japanese manufacturers plan to launch it in America next year.

The XTURISMO hoverbike was built by Japanese company AERWINS Technologies and can fly for 40 minutes and reach speeds of 62 miles per hour (100 km/h), according to Reuters, which has seen it. Al”.

“I literally feel like a 15-year-old jumping into one of the Star Wars vehicles,” the auto show co-chair, Thad Szott, said after taking a test drive – or flight test.

The bike is already on sale in Japan, and Shuhei Komatsu, founder and CEO of AERWINS, said plans are underway to sell a smaller version in the US in 2023.

But the price bears an unpleasant surprise, at $777,000 – although Komatsu said the company hopes to bring the cost down to $50,000 for a smaller electric model by 2025.

Earlier this month, AERWINS said it was looking to list on Nasdaq via a merger with a private acquisition company valued at $600 million.