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At age 8, his twins Eddy and Nelson are still sleeping with her in her bed

A few weeks ago, L'Oréal Paris unveiled the face of its new face: Celine Dion. As of April 22, the diva will appear on our screens since it has already turned the advertising campaign Excellence Hair Color!

The beauty secrets of Celine Dion
Having become a beauty muse, Celine Dion must now lend herself to the game of interviews related to her beauty routine. In an interview with Sunday Times Style magazine, the Quebec singer explained that at the make-up level, she puts everything on the look and wears no lipstick because her lips are too thin ..
A king size bed to sleep with Eddy and Nelson
Also, to look rested, Céline Dion admits to sleeping enormously: I sleep a lot actually. I sleep about 12 hours a night. If my children are sick, of course, this is not the case. My children are still sleeping with me. When their dad died, I was able to rearrange my room and took a very, very large bed. So, like that, they help me feel better and so am I. We are like three friends.
A revelation as surprising as it is cute about his 8-year-old twins Eddy and Nelson. Then questioned to find out if she could easily sleep, the interpreter of "I'm Alive" added: " It takes time because I love to daydream. I feel like in a spirit of meditation. I have a small lamp that projects stars on the ceiling, so my kids get sleep looking at this. I think of all the things I love and I become very creative. Sometimes I think of phrases for songs and I do not have pen or sheet on hand and I do not want to wake children and I reach out to find something to keep the idea going. "

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