The company refuses to confirm this amount, but says that the highest paid pilots are very experienced, provide coaching and training, and fly on larger aircraft.

The controversy over wages is one of the most practiced exercises within Air France. This highly sensitive topic cost Jean-Marc Janaillac, the former CEO, who resigned on May 4 after a referendum lost on a salary increase plan for the period 2018-2021. The arrival of the new boss, the Canadian Ben Smith, triggered a new storm, when his salary – which may eventually reach a maximum of 4.25 million euros, a three-fold increase over his predecessor – a been known.

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It is now the pilots' turn to be on the front line: according to documents obtained by the newspaper Release, the 99 highest paid drivers of the company would touch (gross) more than 300.000 euros annual. These numbers are likely to cringe in the company as negotiations resume. On the side of ground staff or commercial cabin crew, but also other pilots. Because the average compensation of the more than 2800 pilots that counts the company is well below this level.

Air France refuses to confirm this amount, but points out that the highest paid pilots are very experienced, provide coaching and training functions, and fly on the largest aircraft. This justifies a significant salary. Above all, they are remunerated in similar proportions to their colleagues from British Airways, Lufthansa or KLM. Ben Smith, who will take office at the end of September, will soon be in the bath.



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