The Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) has officially announced that there will be no congress on December 11. This happened with a message on the organization’s website, published unusually late – after 10 pm on Thursday.

It most likely comes in response to information from earlier hours that the manager of “Septemvri” (Simitli) Plamen Skenderski was denied to submit the documents with which the club nominated Hristo Portochanov for president of the Bulgarian Football Union.

On November 5, the football union announced that it had a recommendation from Health Minister Kostadin Angelov that holding the congress “is considered decidedly inappropriate in an aggravated epidemic situation in the country due to the spread of COVID-19.” It was also announced then that “the members of the executive committee of the Bulgarian Football Union were acquainted with the opinion of Minister Angelov, and their decision on the case is expected as soon as possible, which will be communicated in a timely manner.”

Later, the interim president of the Bulgarian Football Union, Mikhail Kasabov, said after the victory against Gibraltar in a friendly meeting that the congress had been postponed and there were no candidacies so far.

So far, however, there has been no official announcement that the football union has complied with Angelov’s recommendation. At noon on December 20, the BFU announced that the congress had in fact been postponed to November 5 by a decision of the executive committee (something that has not been announced so far).

Now on its website, the Bulgarian Football Union states that after the postponement of the congress “there is no legal basis for nominating and considering candidacies for president of the Bulgarian Football Union.” “Such candidacies will be able to be raised under the conditions set out in the statutes of the Bulgarian Football Union, and after setting a date for a congress.”

There is no date for the congress yet, and it has to be determined by the executive committee. The general meeting was once postponed in the spring due to the coronavirus. Former BFU President Borislav Mihailov resigned more than a year ago – in mid-October 2019, after the scandals surrounding the match with England.

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