At Belle-Île hospital, ten professionals suspended because not vaccinated

Since September 15, 2021, healthcare professionals must be vaccinated against the coronavirus. If they are not, they are suspended. In Belle-Ile (Morbihan), the Brocéliande Atlantique Hospital Group (GHBA) took stock on Monday, September 27, 2021 on the situation at the hospital.

Across the establishment, ten professionals have been suspended to date, including a doctor, seven caregivers and two non-carers, out of a total of some two hundred full-time equivalents.

“Tension-generating situation”

“As hospital workers are, by nature, essential to the care of residents and patients, this situation can generate tensions in staff management., specifies the GHBA in a press release. However, the Belle-Île-en-Mer hospital continues to carry out all of its missions. This is the priority that we pursue on a daily basis. “

At the level of the GHBA, the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 for professionals at the Belle-Ile hospital began in January, with the implementation of vaccination campaigns.

“Exchange in order to convince them to get vaccinated”

“For professionals who had not yet transmitted their proof of vaccination, interviews were carried out, with the aim of completing their file, or to discuss in order to convince them to be vaccinated, specifies the hospital. Otherwise, they were suspended, in accordance with the law. “

The hospital thanks again “The vaccinated professionals who remain mobilized to guarantee the care of the population of the island”, and underlines “Once again the involvement of professionals in this vaccination campaign and the educational work carried out up to the last few days, to achieve a high vaccination rate”.