At least 7 teams interested in Kyle Lowry?

Free agent, and although he didn’t have a great season, the veteran Kyle Lowry will be a very courted man this summer. During the transfer deadline, at least 4 teams would have seriously tried to recover it in a trade, the Lakers, the Clippers, the Sixers and the Miami Heat.

It is quite possible that these 4 teams will try again (Clippers and Lakers would still be on the record, just like the Heat and the Sixers according to Matt Moore) even if apart from the Heat, they will not have much to offer. and that it will undoubtedly be necessary to go through a sign & trade. Then there should be outsiders, like the New York Knicks, whose finances should allow them to make a good offer and who would be interested, and according to Matt Moore, we could add two more franchises. The Chicago Bulls, also desperate for a playmaker, but also the New Orleans Pelicans. For the latter, it would be necessary to separate fromEric Bledsoe, which they would already try for a while, in vain.

Then of course there will undoubtedly be the Raptors, even if we do not really know their position. A re-signing is not to be ruled out, but we can think that this is not the most likely scenario.

The playmaker will be spoiled for choice.


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