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At least 9 dead, as California's fires spread on both ends

A quarter of a million people were driven out of their homes across the country as the campfire in the north and two more major fires – Woolsey and Hill – in Southern California burned down this weekend.

Evacuees trapped in traffic dropped their cars and ran with their children in tow when the campfire arrived in Butte County, California.

In Thousand Oaks, a community that mourns mass shootings this week, is a recreation center where survivors were sad, filled with people fleeing from the fire.

Latest developments

• Fatalities: The The rapid fire at Camp Camp killed at least nine people in Northern California. Some were in cars and others nearby or in houses. They were not identified.

• Trump tweets: President Donald Trump Blame for the forest fires the "gross mismanagement of the woods" in a tweet early Saturday. "Remedy now or no more Fed payments!" he said.

• Massive evacuations: The fire department estimates that the number of people expelled nationwide from their homes is more than 250,000.

• burning and waxing: Late Friday is the Campfire was the largest with 90,000 acres. The Woolsey Fire set fire to about 35,000 acres, while the Hill Fire was 4,531 acres.

• Containment: Firefighters fight to tear down the flames. The campfire is contained at 5% while the Woolsey fire remains uncontrolled. The hill fire was included at 15%.

• Destruction: In northern California, nearly 7,000 buildings have been destroyed, including 80% to 90% of the homes in Paradise north of Sacramento. In the districts of Los Angeles and Ventura, a significant number of homes have been destroyed or damaged.


The campfire has killed at least nine people in paradise and destroyed 6,453 buildings.

The bodies of five people were found in or near a vehicle, and the other four were inside or outside a house.

The fast-moving flame consumed most of Paradise, a city about 80 miles north of Sacramento.

The families described the scenes of panic and terror during their escape.

"The flames whipped and spread so quickly," said Whitney Vaughan after her escape to Paradise. "It started skipping the road, there was nowhere to go."

The city was largely empty and the main street was full of fallen trees and power lines. Much of the brush and grass was blackened in the valleys and trees were still burning. An estimated 52,000 people were evacuated to Butte County, where Paradise is located.

According to fire stations, three firemen and some civilians were injured, but details of their injuries were unknown. According to the authorities, about 35 people were reported missing.

Woolsey Fire

More than 200,000 people fled to Ventura County and Malibu in the Los Angeles district because of Woolsey Fire, officials said.

Firefighters worked at Pepperdine University on Saturday to protect thousands of students and local employees as the flames reached campus overnight.

    A massive cloud of smoke driven by strong winds rises above the Woolsey Fire in Malibu on Friday.

The fire crossed US 101 a few miles east of Thousand Oaks – the site where a bar was shot on Wednesday night – and headed south to the Pacific Coast towards Malibu Creek State Park and the city of Malibu, the fire of the Los Angeles County Division said.

In Malibu, evictions have been ordered for the entire city of approximately 12,000 inhabitants, known for prominent beach houses.

The howling Santa Ana Wind lit the Woolsey Fire. These are strong, dry winds that carry high-pressure systems from east to west, from mountains and desert areas to the Los Angeles area.

It is predicted that a round of Santa Ana winds will whip the area from Sunday to Tuesday, although it may be weaker than Friday's.

hill fire

The Hill Fire is burning near the scene this week in Thousand Oaks.

It started on Thursday and initially spread quickly, lighting 10,000 acres in six hours. But the firefighters have made some progress. From Friday evening were 15% included.

A firefighter fights wildfire in Agoura Hills, Los Angeles County, on Friday.

Part of the flame burned into the footprint of a 2013 forest fire that could slow its spread, said Ventura Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen.

In the fast-moving fire no houses or shops were lost, but a number of campers and outbuildings were burned down and a fireman suffered a slight injury, the government said.

Chuck Johnston, Dave Alsup, Dan Watts, Silvio Carrillo, Jim Castel, Steve Almasy and Hollie Silverman of CNN contributed to this report.



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