The investigation into the case of Marta Calvo, who disappeared on November 7, has collected at least five complaints filed against Jorge Ignacio Palma, currently in prison after surrendering and confessing that she had dismembered the body of the young Valencian when she panicked when the found dead by accident at home. While the Civil Guard continues to search for the remains of the body in the landfill of Dos Aguas (Valencia), five prostitutes have denounced the 38-year-old Colombian for subjecting them to the same risky sexual practice without their consent, by introducing large doses of large cocaine purity for their genital organs, according to research sources.

The Brazilian Arliene Ramos died last April allegedly from an attack caused by cocaine poisoning. At the autopsy he found remains of this drug in the vagina. He had been with Palma, convicted of drug trafficking before. In addition, the death of the prostitute in June is also being analyzed. Lady Marcela Vargas, with whom the now prisoner in Picassent allegedly maintained relations. Palma acknowledged in her confession that she had held “a white party” in which she consumed several grams of cocaine with Marta Calvo before she died.

These are the main testimonies, facts and clues that reveal the same modus operandi. Without the body, the purpose is to gather enough evidence to be able to accuse Palma of at least the crime of homicide with eventual intent. According to legal sources, there is eventual intent when the author knows that there is a possibility that his action causes the death of another person and despite that he continues with that action. The penalty for this crime is between 15 and 22 years.

Palma has repeated her pattern of behavior and has shown a psychopathic personality, lacking empathy, as she made clear when she left the dating house as soon as she saw the Brazilian prostitute convulse, according to sources in the case. She was not accused then of omission of the duty of relief because her companions attended to her immediately. He died weeks later in the hospital. The aim of Palma’s defense is to go unscathed with perhaps an administrative infraction for violating the mortuary police regulations by dismembering the body.

The judge of instruction of Alzira has decreed the secret of the summary while the investigation continues. The search of the body is the priority. The cameras and the analysis of the movements of Palma through his mobile confirmed his version that he was in the establishments to buy tools and cleaning products and in the towns where he said he had thrown the remains of Marta Calvo.

Three months after the disappearance of the 25-year-old girl, however, the investigation also arises if Palma really dismembered the girl at Manuel’s home (60 kilometers away from Valencia), as he says. No evidence of this has been found, despite the porosity of construction materials and the great complexity involved in dismembering a body that contains five liters of blood without leaving any trace. Organic remains were found in the bend of a pipe, but its analysis was inconclusive, nor could DNA be extracted. Also, this Friday the program Public mirror Antena 3 said the researchers found unused and sealed in Manuel’s house the chemical he bought to make the body disappear. The program raises eight women who have denounced Palma for their modus operandi.


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