World At least six killed in German shootings. Shooter is...

At least six killed in German shootings. Shooter is already detained


PAt least six people died in a shootout in the city of Rot am See, Germany, early Friday afternoon.

According to the Bild, the police have already managed to arrest the sniper in a building in Bahnhofstrasse, at 12:45 pm (11:45 am in Lisbon). According to the same publication, he was a young man and had some kind of relationship with the victims.

The authorities confirmed, on Twitter, the shooting in the building, saying that an operation is underway and that there will be a connection between the sniper and the victims.

There are no indications that there are other suspects and it is not known for now what the motivation for the crime was.

A security perimeter has been set up on site, but the situation is now under control.




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