At L’Hôpital-Camfrout, the amount of subsidies paid to certain associations is debated – L’Hôpital-Camfrout

The municipal council of Hôpital-Camfrout met on Friday. The distribution of the 2022 subsidies to the local associations gave rise to differences, in particular on the side of the elected representatives of the opposition groups who highlighted the lack of equity for some of them.

On behalf of the group L’Hôpit’Tout simply, Guy Loire thus regretted the reduction in the amount paid to the Amicale laïque. She asked for 500 €, and will finally only have half. Addressing the majority he asked for explanations. “The secular association offers a large number of activities. She deserves more support. This is also the case for the Tennis-club. Conversely, Tagada tsoin tsoin will have €2,000, more than the festival committee,” he noted.

The analysis is also shared by Anaïs Duval, of the group Camfrout in common: “The Secular Association is very involved and does a good job with the children. He should have been given the sum claimed.

The opposition votes against

Jean-Claude Harel, delegated adviser, answered them on the association Tagada Tsoin Tsoin, whose aim is to encourage and promote musical expression. “She had asked, at the base, 4000 €. And then it is also to accompany him in the organization of his 20th birthday, on June 25th. Jean-Jacques Léon, mayor, also recalled the recent payment of €1,500 to the Amicale laïque by the Cap Camfrout association, at the time of its dissolution on April 4th. Cap Camfrout also gave €1,500 to the parents of pupils (APE) and to Camfrout VTT nature, €500.

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When approving the grants, the opposition voted against, the majority for.

Grants awarded

Association for Daoulas blood donation, €180; Secular association, €250; Logon archers, €100; Finistère Food Bank, €291; Bugale Aman, €130; festival committee, €1,900; Camfrout nature mountain bike, €2,250; football club,

€1400; awakening garden, €30; I can’t, I have sewing, €100; Kan-ar-Vag, €100; Log’a’Rhythms, €30; Recreation for retirees, €150; The Dance, €80; Small cinema, €350; military medals, €50; parents of school pupils, €300; Road safety, €291; Catholic relief, €400; Popular relief, €400; SNSM, €200; Tagada tsoin tsoin, €2,000; Tennis club, €330; Veterans, €80.

People Relief

The Secours populaire du pays de Daoulas brings together eight municipalities in the territory. Until the end of April 2019, the premises were located at 3 bis, route de la Gare, in Daoulas. It was then made available to the association. Since then, the Secours populaire has been transferred: it is currently installed in the old treasury, place Saint-Yves. The old premises, with asbestos at roof level, must be demolished. The financial participation of L’Hôpital-Camfrout amounts to €1,795. Deal.

In short

Bruded Membership Renewal for €736.

The mini-camp from July 18 to 22 will be held at Santec for 6-11 year olds.