At Microsoft, everyone can now create fake photos – multimedia

The integration of artificial intelligence into the search engine Bing, which had been ridiculed until then, was a mega coup. Now Microsoft is going one better.

Deceptively real-looking photos of the arrest of ex-US President Donald Trump went around the world – with the author immediately commenting: They are fake. Just an isolated case? Soon no longer. Microsoft has now activated a fake photo function in its Bing search engine. Like the Bing Chatbot (gives answers to search queries like a real person, for example) it is based on technology from partner and ChatGPT developer OpenAI.

And this is how the Bing Image Creator works: First step – you go to, click on the “Join and create” button and log in to your Microsoft account. This is free and can be created quickly if you don’t have one yet. Then enter a description of the desired image in the text field on the following page and press “Create”. The more precise the description, the better the result. In addition, you can specify whether you want a photo-realistic representation or choose a more artistic approach such as “digital art” or “watercolor”. Restriction: The service currently only understands English.

Not real either: Here, however, the assessment is a bit more difficult.Microsoft Bing

At Kurz & Trump, the Image Creator gets in the way

Incidentally, photos showing celebrities and politicians are not possible. For example, ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz cannot bet on a big elephant. The same applies to Donald Trump, who cannot be taken away in handcuffs. According to Microsoft, this violates the guidelines in a pop-up window. An elephant on a motorcycle or an astronaut in the center of Vienna, on the other hand, are no problem.

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