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At most 1,000 departures at France Télévisions

Negotiations on the conventional collective breakthrough project at France Télévisions should start on Monday and last until the end of the first quarter. The scale of this plan announced in December is not yet defined and will have to be negotiated with the trade unions, but one thing is certain: it can not exceed 1.000 net job losses by 2022. in any case what is provided for in the draft "plan of recomposition of the workforce", delivered internally, and of which "Les Echos" have knowledge.

It was also in the estimates of the CGT, which mentioned a few weeks ago 2,000 departures and 1,000 hires (1.000 net starts). The SNJ, he feared rather 1,500 net starts. Departures will be on a voluntary basis, the document reminds. The public group had more than 9,630 employees at the end of 2018.

Priority for employees close to retirement

The plan also wants to allow a reorganization of the workforce to support the repositioning of France Télévisions on digital. While the group, like other channels, must resist the rise of Netflix et al., And that the government has decided the removal of two linear channels (France 4 and France Ô) for 2020, France Télévisions is in the process of to make a vast transformation, in particular to adapt to young people, with younger employees too.

The conditions of departure thus provide that in case of many volunteers to leave, those close to retirement will have priority. 50% of the public group is 50 years old or older.

The draft agreement proposes severance pay of several months' salary depending on seniority. This, for a voluntary departure, could be multiplied by two compared to what is provided for in the collective agreement for voluntary retirement. Thus, an employee who has between twenty and twenty-three years of seniority could obtain, for example, eight months salary. But these conditions have yet to be negotiated.


Future recruitments are specified. The project supports "The transition to digital is the priority for recruiting". However, the text also highlights hiring of positions "integrating polycompetence", as was the case for the franceinfo chain. The draft agreement also provides for an experiment on the evolution of the trades, for example JRI assemblers, editors, etc. A point that could offend some unions.

This plan is part of a context of economies. France Télévisions (2.5 billion euros of public resources) saw its endowment lowered by 26 million in the financial plan for 2019, after a decline of 50 million in 2018 (taking into account the cessation of advertising youth ).

In total, by 2022, the group estimates that it must make an effort of the order of 400 million euros, taking into account the natural shift in expenses (inflation of wages …) and the requested investments in the digital world.

Marina Alcaraz


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