POLITICS – "A woman who claimed to be president, who had four children and who had new ideas, was too much." This Saturday, November 3, the number of "We are not lying" which was broadcast on France 2 was for main guest Ségolène Royal. Throughout the interview, she came back to being a woman in the public sphere, the importance of environmental fighting or the politics of the current government.And while the former presidential candidate promotes a work in which she speaks among other things of the difficulty of being a woman in politics and to exist in this environment without having to be contiguous to the image of a man, Laurent Ruquier asked him his first question .. on a man.At the beginning, and while the ambassador of the Arctic and Antarctic poles was still settling, the host asked her if her book, "What I can finally tell you", was titled thus in reference to the famous "A President should not say that", a book written by journalists Gerard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme on the former companion of Ségolène Royal: François Hollande.A question that seemed to be confusing the one who had become the first woman to reach the second round of a presidential election in France. "No," she replied to Laurent Ruquier. "I just exist without my ex, if you like, and after ten years I may have a little bit the right to emancipate myself and to exist a little bit myself." And to regret: "They call me again like that, 'the former companion of …' What never happens to men." "I exist without my ex!" @RoyalSegolene#ONPCpic.twitter.com/bDB3Qtlk3q
– We are not lying (@ONPCofficiel) November 3, 2018A good way for Ségolène Royal to discuss then the difficulties encountered during her journey of being a woman, especially at the time of the 2007 presidential election, like the journalist Alain Duhamel who had not even mentioned before the election as a potential candidate and who still recidivates in 2018, explaining that he does not deal with "alcove stories". Beauty contest, balloon and shotgun "For a number of men, whose brain has not changed much, women are still intruders in politics, "she denounces. "What I can finally tell you is that I can finally talk now that the main actors of the last ten years in politics are no longer in charge and that the law of silence that I had imposed on myself – like many women Moreover, when they are beaten, when they are assaulted, I have liberated them. "Ségolène Royal went on to explain that the whole process was" difficult "," painful ", that the re-reading of The attacks she had suffered during the presidential election were extremely painful and violent. "I wonder how I could accept that, why I suffered that …" "The presidential is not a beauty contest", "She's going to deflate like a balloon", "I'm going put a bullet in my shotgun "… it must be said that in 2007, the former minister was targeted as nobody before her. Including and perhaps even harder still by the leaders of the same movement that she. "I think the men on my side understood that I could win, that it was possible, so their ego and their relentlessness redoubled because they preferred my opponent's victory by saying that they would take over the fight. in five years, they thought that they would eliminate me because I was not docile enough. "" For them, if we are different, we are inferior "" The fact of being a woman who had the presumptuousness of imagining the supreme function has earned me a terrible violence from men who considered that I took their place, while I had been democratically appointed by a majority of members, activists, by nearly four million people, but this legitimacy was denied me because I was a woman, "adds Ségolène Royal. And to draw a parallel between oppression are victims of different minorities: "It is the same spring that racism: for them, we are different, so we are inferior.Where, in fact, I am different, but I I am their equal. " She mentions Lionel Jospin, who considered her with rare contempt. "He is attacking a woman who was in the second round of presidential elections, which he did not manage to do, he calls me a secondary character in politics while I have the same itinerary as him." I have the same qualifications as him, I even have more political experience than him, and finally he can not change his vision of the world to realize that I am equal. " "There is a place in hell for women who do not support other women," she said, citing Madeleine Albright and regretting a lack of solidarity from state women when she was subjected to insults. She concludes by drawing a link between two of the battles of her life: feminism and ecology. "Humanity is masculine and feminine, but if humanity deprives itself of half of what it is, it deprives itself of half of the solutions to answer the problems which arise today and tomorrow, and that's my contribution to liberating women's voices. "See also on The HuffPost:


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