At Paul-Constans high school in Montluçon (Allier), boilermaking students work on real orders

The pro baccalaureate finals and the boilermaking BTS students from Paul-Constans high school, in Montluçon (Allier), supported the projects they carried out during the school year, this Thursday, June 16, and met their “ clients”. Because the pizza ovens, the welding table, the trailers, the brazier or the barbecue shelter made, are real orders, for private individuals and professionals.

A gate commissioned for their future home

This is a relatively unknown aspect of the sector, which Émilie and Landry Alleaume heard about through “word-of-mouth”. The couple took delivery of the gate that will adorn their house under construction. Climbing and canyoning scenes are represented there. It’s their job:

We wanted something quite wacky. And you can’t find it in stores. And then it makes young people work and we were in no hurry.

Emilie Alleaume, client

Raw material taken over by customers

The projects for the next school year are almost all already decided. Principals pay for the raw material and a 10 to 15% surplus for consumables. It’s a cost, less important than on the market, but to think about.
Gaëtan Laville is one of the three students who worked on Émilie and Landry Alleaume’s project, 70 hours per person. This pro baccalaureate student will continue at the start of the school year with the BTS and then the license. It will be learning. “I’m looking for my business,” he says.

Fifteen BTS apprentices from September 2022

Stéphane Pasquiet, professor in BTS, has no doubt that Gaëtan will find what he is looking for. “Half of the fifteen apprentices next year have already signed. The others have time, until September 20. »

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This year, in BTS, there were seven apprentices and thirteen in initial training, as well as twenty-four in professional baccalaureate. ” That works. Companies are looking for workers. So much so that many are already hired as soon as they complete their training.

Professor at Clermont Auvergne University, Pascal Lafourcade introduces high school students from Paul-Constans, in Montluçon (Allier), to cryptography [03/05/2022]

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