A very deteriorated bridge is how the road structure is located in the Sierra de La Libertad and connects with Áncash.

This worrying situation occurred in the district of Huancaspata, in the province of Pataz, where the Suchiman bridge is located. This route puts the lives of dozens of carriers at risk.

In dialogue with Trujillo 60, the mayor of Huancaspata, Linder Salazar, said that this bridge connects with the province of Sihuas, in Áncash.

“They have placed a bridge, but a good castling has not been made, which with the rain is settling and we fear that if there is a huaico, it will take it away. We are calling the authorities to place a modular bridge, but they do not want us support ”, explained the mayor.

If this bridge collapses, districts Urpay, Challas from the province of the province of Pataz would be isolated.

The district mayor urged the Regional Government to immediately intervene on this road, since they have not yet obtained responses from the Ministry of Transport.

The 30-meter structure could collapse due to a natural phenomenon or the passage of heavy-duty vehicles. In December 2012, heavy rains caused the river to rise, causing the destruction of the Suchiman Bridge.


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