“At some point the trust was gone”

Ronny Rogawska, who was promoted to the 2nd division with HSG Krefeld in 2019, is returning to Krefeld.

15 months after the unexpected and surprising separation from the HSG Krefeld, the successful Danish trainer Ronny Rogawska returns to the sporting parquet of the silk city. The 51-year-old first achieved the West German championship with the HSG, then promotion to the second division. Now he will meet Adler Königshof in the handball league with Borussia Mönchengladbach on Saturday, October 10th, at 5.15 p.m. in the sports hall at the MSM high school.

After separating from the HSG, Ronny Rogawska fell silent. Did you let go of the subject quickly?

Ronny Rogawska: Of course not, I’ve always observed the club and the team from a distance and I’ve been in contact with many guys from the promotion team to this day.

Then why did it break?

Rogawska: A lot of factors came together. I had achieved my big goal with promotion and I was really looking forward to the next task in the second division. But I did not expect that there would be such hardened fronts and I then acted in my responsibility towards my family. The situation was very knotted and at some point the confidence was gone.

What became so difficult for you?

Rogawska: Well, no one in charge of the club sat down with me just once after my promotion to talk about my future. I expected more, I couldn’t argue with my family, I am now coaching a team in the second division and I will have a good time, but unfortunately it is not financially fit. That was very disappointing and bitter for me. I’m an honest guy and have always behaved correctly, had a great year and a good team. But in the end it just didn’t work anymore.

Would the HSG have scored more than two points in the 2nd division under Rogawska?

Rogawska: I’m pretty sure of that, but that’s how it developed and now I’m the coach of Borussia Mönchengladbach.

And do you want to go to the third division with Borussia?

Rogawska: Yes, we want to achieve that in the long term. To do this, however, we first have to move up from the top league to the regional league. We started very well with 10: 0 points and are thus leaders of the table, but Bergische HC and Adler Königshof are strong competitors.

There are four former Krefeld players on your team, does that make things even more explosive?

Rogawska: It’s just a derby under special conditions. Heider Thomas and Niklas Weis already played in Uerdingen, my goalkeeper Johannes Lyrmann two years ago in Königshof, as well as Paul Lipok, the circle runner, most recently in the Bundesliga A-youth of Königshof. The decisive factor will be which team starts the game better.


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