At the age of nine, she became a little miss. Looks like a DIFFERENT PERSON without makeup. Would you meet? (PHOTO)

Although for several years there has been more and more talk about the harmfulness and disastrous impact on the psyche of girls children’s beauty contestsThere are still plenty of people willing to take part in such projects.

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One of the little misses who from an early age participates in events during which there is a fierce fight for the title of the most beautiful is a certain Paisley Langworthy. The American girl gained recognition in 2019, when she became a child miss at the age of nine. At that time, her photos caused a stir on the web. A lot of internet users did not like that the girl poses in strong makeup and provocative outfits.

Despite this, Paisley, dreaming of a great career, is still active in the industry. Currently, supported by her parents, the 14-year-old Miss still takes part in all sorts of competitions, which she largely wins. She also runs an Instagram profile, where she constantly adds new photos, both those relating to her work at shows and everyday life.

See how Paisley looks without make-up.

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2 days ago

Fucked parents!

These frightening photos! It almost sounds like child abuse, I do not understand parents who agree to it or even force them to do so ….

Pity her parents should apologize

Not pretty with and without makeup. The goat’s smile.

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Poor Mother kids get treated

Unfortunately, she will have bunions. It is enough to look at the bare feet – the big toe diagonally. And without makeup, she looks prettier.

And in which photo is she without makeup?

deyna kazimie …

3 hours ago

It’s cool, when I turn 16, I’m into it

I don’t understand what all this wallpaper is for. She looks so much better without makeup …

It’s a pity that this pretty normal girl has bad parents. who want to erase her beauty. that such contests are also legal is surprising! what you need to have in mind to want to participate in such a competition.

Legalized pedophilia?

for something like that, parents should seat and take away their rights to a child, and the organizers of such competitions should sit with them

If she was 9 in 2019, how is she now 14 ???

some of these outfits are more for a playboy bunny than for a little girl. horrible

she is fourteen herself should be smarter than her parents, which will be when she is twenty without wallpaper it will be a nightmare they took away her childhood I would never let my daughters 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

A child with the face of a 30-year-old

would be suitable for running tvpis news