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Although Huawei’s chip procurement is still difficult, their new mobile phone products will continue to be launched. It is currently reported that the third-generation folding machine Mate X3 will be released at the beginning of the year, and the business flagship series will also be launched Mate 50, but although Mate 50 will be equipped with S898 , There will still be a lack of 5G network capabilities.

▲ The picture shows Huawei Mate X2.

According to the Chinese digital chat station, Huawei has tested under-screen fingerprint recognition and POL-less OLED screens on a new folding machine. Generally, AMOLED screens will use a polarizing layer to reduce sunlight reflection to make the picture clearer, but it will also reduce For screen brightness, POL-less OLED directly integrates the polarizing layer into the panel to reduce screen power consumption. Samsung’s Eco Square technology is one of them. Huawei’s new folding machine screen will also be provided by Samsung.

It is currently speculated that this phone should be called Mate X3, and it is expected to be released in February next year. It should inherit the internal folding design of Mate X2 and the specifications will also follow the flagship route. However, other specifications are currently unknown, including whether the processor is included. There is no news about whether it will continue to use Huawei’s own Krin 9000 or use Qualcomm’s processors.

At the beginning of next year, Huawei announced the folding machine Mate X3, and the Mate 50-2 equipped with the 4G version of S898
▲ The picture shows Huawei Mate 40 Pro+.

In addition, the Mate 50, which is also Huawei’s key product series, is also rumored to be released in the first quarter of next year, around March. The highest-end Mate 50 Pro+ will also keep up with the trend of flagship phones, using LTPO AMOLED panels. It is expected to be launched in 2021, but with the postponement of the P50, the schedule will be postponed to next year. The flagship Mate 50 will use the Qualcomm S898 processor, but because the ban is still there, the Mate 50 will not support 5G.

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