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Home Entertainment At the concert, Leontyev ousted the child :: Show business ::

At the concert, Leontyev ousted the child :: Show business ::

Valery Leontyev is worthy of a standing ovation: the 70-year-old singer spent half a century on the stage, but he is still bright and energetic! The people have no questions to the artist – he is always on top, always well done. But to his protection there.

At the anniversary concert of Valery Leontyev in the St. Petersburg Concert Hall Oktyabrsky, there was nowhere for the apple to fall. And almost each of the 3700 spectators came to the beloved artist not with empty hands. Bags, baskets, one flower each – each bought within our means, but with all my heart. Maybe even on the last money!

It was even more offensive to many fans to see how the artist took the flowers presented with love: when he came out into the hall, Leontyev literally pulled them out of his hands and immediately handed them to the guards. Although he has an excuse – it is incorrect to interrupt the song and the number that was thought out up to a second. And thanks to the singer could be at the end of the entry.

And yet, when the guard threw away the girl who had risen from the chair to give the star a bouquet, many were outraged: "How can you treat people like that?", "Come on light!" she wondered how old she was? Eight or ten? To my Kibalchish ten, and I cannot vouch that the guard would have remained without punishment if such rudeness had touched my child! " The audience is amazed by this situation with the child in the hall.

Fans learned on the video of personal guard Valery Leontyev and remembered that he was generally distinguished by such strange behavior, especially zealously guarding the popular artist. They say a few years ago the security guard even grabbed a Muslim woman from Kazan by the chest! Russians feel sorry for an idol with an impeccable reputation, on which the rudeness of the bodyguard can be projected …


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