At the Hôpital de Friborg, pediatrics integrates anthroposophy and appeals to parents

Since 2016, the Cantonal Hospital of Friborg has offered pediatric consultations in anthroposophic medicine. These consultations are part of an integrative pediatric approach, which means that when parents wish, doctors use both conventional and complementary therapies to prevent and treat. The goal is that the care is centered on the relationship between the caregiver, the patient and his family without falling into the irrational, nor in the imperatives of profitability. In five years, anthroposophic medicine has entered the DNA of the pediatric clinic.

Why this is revealing. Often parents who take their child for consultation do so to supplement conventional medicine and not to replace it. Along with therapies considered more “natural” and individualized, they explain that they find listening that conventional medicine is no longer able to offer them, while having the assurance that they are facing a qualified doctor. They denounce a healthcare system that has become industrial.


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