At the start of the school year, half of French people logged on to sites or apps related to education and training

(ETX Daily Up) – 30.8 million French people connected in September 2021 to a site or an application in the education and training sector, i.e. almost half of the population aged two and over, according to the latest data from Médiamétrie. Young people aged 15 to 24 are obviously the most affected by this category of online services.

According to the latest figures from Médiamétrie’s Global Internet Audience, 7.4 million French people have visited these sites or opened one of these applications every day, i.e. more than one in ten French people. Unsurprisingly, it is among the youngest that this involvement is most important. More than three quarters (75.8%) of 15-24 year olds were on one of these platforms in September. Among them, nearly a quarter (23.6%) returned there every day.

The platform alone attracted more than 5.1 million unique visitors in September, and is ahead in this category of EcoleDirecte (4.7 M) and Pronote (4.5 M). Followed by Le Figaro Etudiant (3.2 M), L’Etudiant (2.7 M) and (2.2 M). Note that 92% of visits to Pronote are made on mobile.

This measurement is based on a single panel of more than 25,000 individuals aged 2 and over, including 6,200 equipped with at least two screens (computer and / or smartphone and / or tablet). It also covers more than 7,000 brands and 1,000 applications.