at the UN, France does not understand the position of the United States on sexual violence


The United States opposed a draft resolution to better combat sexual violence against women in conflict. The text was nevertheless voted Tuesday night.

"We are dismayed." France, by the voice of her Ambassador to the UN, said all the trouble she thought of the position of the United States, Tuesday, April 23, when to decide on a resolution supposed to intensify the fight against sexual violence against women in conflict. "We regret that veto threats have been waged by permanent members of this Council to challenge 25 years of gains in favor of women's rights in situations of armed conflict", Francois Delattre dropped.

After the amputation of many mentions at the request of the United States, Russia and China, the resolution was eventually adopted by 13 votes and two abstentions (those of Moscow and Beijing). The creation of a "mechanism" facilitating the prosecution of perpetrators of sexual violence was also rejected by Washington, Moscow and Beijing.

It is inexplicable that access to sexual and reproductive health is not explicitly recognized to victims of sexual violence, who are often the target of atrocities and barbaric mutilations.the French ambassador to the UNat the UN rostrum

"Major concessions were granted under the pressure of several permanent members who did not allow the text to go as far as we would have liked "also annoyed the French diplomat.

At the origin of this diplomatic quarrel, a project of German text that wanted to create a formal working group to help bring perpetrators to justice, and to develop protection for survivors, including raped women who become pregnant.

Moscow and Beijing have said they want to fight sexual violence in conflict. But they denounced "lax interpretations" in the original German text and "Manipulations" to create new structures and "Override" existing mandates.

In the end, this triple American-Russian-Chinese opposition led Germany to reduce "congruous portion" his text, according to a diplomat. "The Americans have taken a negotiation from their ideology hostage, it's scandalous", replies another diplomat.

At the Security Council meeting, however, the two Nobel Peace Laureates 2018 had made clear to the Security Council its responsibilities, expressing demands for substantial progress in the area of ​​justice and the protection of survivors. "Not a single person has been brought to justice for sexual slavery"said Nadia Murad, referring to her Yazidi community destroyed by the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. "We make speeches at the UN but no concrete action follows" in the area of ​​justice and "nothing was done."

"What does the international community want to do justice to the victims"asked Denis Mukwege, asking for the establishment of national or international courts dedicated to the trial of those guilty of sexual violence in conflict.

A lawyer for Yazidi victims, Amal Clooney also deplored the weakness of the international response. She accused the United States and Russia of opposing the creation of international justice against these crimes. Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Nuremberg … Justice has been given to these cases, she reminded the Security Council. "If we do not act now, it will be too late", she said, referring to the current detention of thousands of ISIS fighters. "We are facing an epidemic of sexual violence" and "justice is the antidote"insisted the lawyer.

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