At the University of Nanterre, the health insurance is active for the health of students

Shortly before noon, under the barnum installed near the student house, on the campus of the University of Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), Hiba, 19, is waiting to make an appointment for a health examination. “I need glasses, I need ophthalmology care,” says this foreign language student, who arrived from Algeria in 2020. I have been in France for a year and I have only just received my vital card. I need a mutual, so they explained everything to me to collect the supporting documents. “In a year of studying in France, Hiba has not yet gone to the doctor, for fear of not being reimbursed. And the young woman is not the only one who needs to be referred by the health insurance services.

This is why the CPAM 92 organized its first “roadshow” on Tuesday, a day of activities and workshops dedicated to adopting good reflexes and supporting students in their efforts to reimburse costs. care. “The objective is to present our devices dedicated to students, in particular access to rights or supplementary solidarity health for the most vulnerable,” explains Christian Collard, director of the Hauts-de-Seine CPAM. We are also developing prevention with workshops on back health, with physiotherapists, nutrition with dieticians, but also health examinations. “

“Smoothie bikes” and practical advice

Thus, volunteers can benefit from a free appointment at the Nanterre health examination center, for dental care, a blood test or even gynecological analyzes. With just over 12,000 students enrolled in Nanterre, access to healthcare is a major issue after a year and a half of the health crisis, especially for foreign students, who are often confused when they arrive.

On site, the atmosphere is light, between music, free breakfast and even “smoothie bikes”, on which the students pedal energetically to squeeze a fresh fruit juice. Most of the young people came to open their Ameli account, the site dedicated to monitoring their procedures, or to receive advice from the thirty or so professionals mobilized for the occasion. “We have had many questions about daily allowances in the event of sick leave, from salaried students, specifies Marinette Barret, communications officer for the CPAM 92. What they especially need is ‘be reassured’.

Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), October 26. The students tried out this unusual exercise bike: while pedaling, they operate a blender to prepare fresh fruit juice. LP / AC

If the procedure for reimbursement of care has been simplified for two years, with the transition to the general scheme, there are still some hitches, hence the interest of a system close to students, at their place of study. “I opened my Ameli account in July and I still don’t have a vital card, asks Myriam, 20, a foreign language student. I came to follow the progress of my file, but also to inform myself, because it is a barrier not knowing what we are entitled to ”. “There are strong disparities in access to information in the department, concedes Christian Collard. All students do not necessarily have help from their parents to know who to contact, so it is also our role to remind them that they have good access to our systems, whether local or national ” .

For others, this meeting organized by the Health Insurance also allowed to kill two birds with one stone. As for Alicia, a political science student, who came to listen to the advice of a physiotherapist to improve her posture during amphitheater classes, she who suffers from scoliosis. “Then I will go for a health examination, I take advantage of it, like that, it will be done!” », Enthuses the young woman.

Five hundred and sixty students benefited, this Tuesday, from the advice of CPAM 92, which will soon reproduce the operation at the Léonard-de-Vinci center in La Défense.