At Toulon station, users not necessarily ready to drop the masks

And a few hours from the end of the compulsory mask on trains, the news has not yet caused any perceptible relief among the users we have met.

“I confess that I knew nothing about it.even confides Rania, a student who is about to climb into a TER for Marseille. Me, I’m a good student: if I’m told to put it on, I obey; if they tell me to take it off, I take it off too. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Barely got off their TGV from Normandy, via Paris, Georges and François are less stoic. “With these kinds of measures, we will still be stuck at home in two months.grumble these retirees, who come to spend a few days of vacation in Hyères. We will continue to wear the mask. Especially since we are of a certain age…”

“I don’t have great confidence…”

Same desire not to relax with Laurent, accustomed to public transport. “I’m in Toulon on weekends and on weekdays I work in Paris. Honestly, when you see crowded metro cars or trains, people coughing, I don’t have much confidence…”

On the forecourt of the station, Florence searches in her bag in search of the famous disposable protection. Leaving for the Jura, she knows she will have to spend the next six hours masked. A prospect that does not frighten him. “It’s not that bad. Out of respect for fragile people, I hope most people will continue to wear it…”

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