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At trial of horse meat scandal, defense pleads for acquittal

The lawyers of the four defendants who send the responsibility for the fraud jointly refute the offense of "organized gang scam"

By Patricia Jolly Posted on 14 February 2019 at 00h08

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The company Spanghero de Castelnaudary (Aude).
The company Spanghero de Castelnaudary (Aude). REUTERS / JEAN-PHILIPPE ARLES

The judgment of the scandal of the horse meat sold as beef will be pronounced on April 16 by the 31e correctional chamber of the TGI of Paris. On Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 February, the lawyers of the defendants who responded in particular to "organized fraud" and "deception" pleaded the acquittal.

In this part of a European-wide food fraud discovered in early 2013, the French Jacques Poujol and Patrice Monguillon, 47 and 58, respectively former general manager and former site manager in the meat processing company Spanghero Castelnaudary (Aude), and Dutch meat traders Johannès Fasen and Hendricus Windmeijer, 69 and 61, are suspected of having agreed to replace, from 2012 to early 2013, by changing the labeling, more than 500 tonnes of horse meat with beef. Purchased at low prices, this meat was then sold more expensive to the Luxembourg company Tavola which incorporated it into the manufacture of frozen dishes for Picard and Findus.

None of the defendants – each incurring a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment – acknowledged any liability during a hearing full of culinary and pet puns, which began on January 21st. Some of them systematically discarding each other, the four meat professionals have at most conceded errors »And« negligence ".

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"And that's a band? "

Jacques Poujol swears to have been abused by Johannès Fasen as to the nature of the meat he bought from him, while the latter – that a subordinate of Mr. Poujol called "rey de los caballos" (king of horses) in e-mails professionals – argues that Mr. Poujol knowingly commanded the horse from Canada and Romania that he provided. Mr. Monguillon assures, for his part, that "Never worked horse [sa] life ", which prevented him from identifying its presence in the Spanghero factory. Hendricus Windmeijer was referred by his lawyer, Edward Huylebrouck, to the pleadings of pigeon " and of " fall guy From Mr. Fasen.


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