At war against boredom: meditation, soft zombies and squeaks

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With Toulouse cassoulet “Hello, my anger! Hello, my aggressiveness! And my wrath, hello! ” The meeting is open. At the helm, a celebrity (promo 80s: Renaud, Guy Bedos, Cohn-Bendit, Yannick Noah …) awaits the indictment of the prosecution. At the desk, the prosecutor is called Pierre Desproges and makes the brocades rain on the defendant. France Inter’s flagship satirical program forty years ago, the Court of flagrant delusions canned a number of fashionable figures of his time, limply supported by their “Rotten lawyer on duty” Luis Rego, with a chic for digression (cf. the Toulouse cassoulet recipe) and an exultation of the palpable verb. All of these vintage pleas can be heard on INA’s streaming service, Madelen, which is offering three months of free trial to new registrants these days. No suspense possible: in the end, everyone is guilty.

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With evil wizards Take out the incense sticks! It’s time for meditation. The Rubin Museum of Art in New York, dedicated to the art and culture of the Himalayas, offers from Thursday to Monday, via its Instagram site, to make English-speaking Internet users discover an object from its collection whose history will serve as point of support for a guided meditation. In about eight minutes, the edifying journey of Milarépa (1052-1135), an evil sorcerer who became famous yogi, can be completed, while a magnificent fresco depicting him, hand in ear, justifies taking a few moments for “Listen to the world resonate”. If the accent put on the inspiration-expires can cause a slight increase in anxiety for those who are just recovering from the Covid-19, no doubt that the benevolent look of the bodhisattva Tara, from his pretty golden statuette of the XIIIe century, will help them as agreed to ward off any physical danger.

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With revolutionary hens In a parallel world, this weekend was to be held the Pulp Festival, venerable still in which the comic strip tries various fusions with the living arts and the format exhibition. If we will not see anything from those devoted to Ulli Lust, Fanny Michaëlis and Lorenzo Mattotti, the Ferme du Buisson does not completely drop the authors originally invited. Having carte blanche on the site, the designer Philippe Dupuy reveals the secret life of “the Farm” there. The one led by the hens while the men live cloistered – the gallinaceous animals taking advantage of the sudden tranquility to embark on a scenic adaptation of the revolutionary Year 01 from Gébé. “We stop everything, we think, and it’s not sad.”

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With the cream of nanars He called himself Akdov Telmig, Hank Barnum, Pete La Roche, Dick Trent, Eddie, Woody or just “The worst director in the world“, but Edward Davis Wood Jr was better known under the name of Ed Wood, incompetent and eccentric filmmaker, undisputed master of disaster and the near, who filmed like apparent cables, debilitating dialogues, transformed plates in flying saucers and false fittings. If you missed this non-monument of the 7the art, Arte offers you this month a perfect remedial course with the heartbreaking Night of the ghosts, the sorry Bride of the monster, but above all the unsurpassable Plan 9 from Outer Space (photo), nanar beyond nanars where extraterrestrials land on Earth to resuscitate the dead, spectacular failure which culminates in a burlesque face-to-face between soft zombies, aliens philosophers and operetta policemen, and whose ragged poetry has branded the imagination of people like Tim Burton or John Waters.

Yann Robin “Triades” for double bass, ensemble and electronic device. Photo Editions Jobert

With double bass coughing No more laughing. Turn off this series, throw up your chips and refocus on the cutting edge of the musical avant-garde to prove that this confinement was not in vain. Welcome the Ensemble intercontemporain (EIC). The phalanx created by Pierre Boulez and directed by Matthias Pintscher offers a series of recordings on his YouTube channel. We discover among others the new production of Yann Robin, Triads, for double bass, ensemble and electronic device. This order from EIC and IRCAM, where Robin, a former resident of the Villa Medici, was once a composer-researcher, recorded in February under the baton of chief Lin Liao, is a fairly good sensitive thermometer of the fear of the virus. It goes from the noise-like expressiveness of the strummers of double bass to scary tutti like a merciless cough that is on the way.

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The Court of Flagrant Delusions on Madelen.

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Plan 9 From Outer Space ofEd wood on Arte’s replay.

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