At war with boredom: crossbows, parmesan and photo montages

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1- With cannibal punks

2008: a deadly virus hits the UK. Forties, panic, chaos, violence, Scotland finds itself surrounded by titanium walls. 2035: the virus resurfaces and, after locating a vaccine in the Scottish no-go-zone, a raging and ultra-charismatic super-cop with a bionic eye is sent on suicide mission. Wait, it’s not over: once in hostile territory, she will have to compete with cannibal punks who ride on motorbikes in flames armed with crossbows and chainsaws and in a medieval society where everything is only torture and halberd fights against giant knights. More than a B series, Doomsday is an orgy from the B series. Fast-paced, frantic, sometimes grotesque, Neil Marshall’s film never takes itself seriously and is above all of a crazy generosity, culminating in a final confrontation which re-enacts the opening scene of Mad max 2 in reverse against the background of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Who to dare that today?

Doomsday of Neil Marshall visible on Amazon Prime Video.

2- With satanic exalted

There are operas whose mere mention of the title already constitutes an event. The Angel of Fire is one of them. Composed by Prokofiev in 1923 and never edited in his lifetime, it follows in 16th century Germanye century, the wandering of a possessed, Renata, who since 8 years has been visited by an angel. She tracks him down, accompanied by a poor, mad guy in love with her, Ruprecht, and will rub her arrow during her arrowed path towards damnation to all the obscurities of the Middle Ages, from witchcraft to necromancy. This 2018 co-production of the Aix-en-Provence festival, staged by the Pole Mariusz Treliński, flows all the fury of the score in a fantastic aesthetic that summons both Gregory Crewdson and James Wan, with a fascination for lookalikes and neon hypnotism. But above all, seated, standing, lying, the Lithuanian soprano Ausrine Stundyte breathes new life into the unfortunate Renata. She’s the one who owns us. provence.html

3- With a suzette ridge

Nat's what I reckon

Confinement, day 49: a certain culinary relaxation begins to be felt. Where did your beautiful beef bourguignon ambitions go? Have you already sacrificed them on the altar of industrial sauce? Fortunately, a young Australian is there to stick a vigorous pat on the back of your head. His name is Nat, he can’t stand boxed shit, and he swearly makes it known on his YouTube channel. From his kitchen, this fervent defender of good products reminds you that a carbonara is as simple as “damn”, and that self-respect goes through a simple block of parmesan, fresh pancetta, salt, pepper , a few egg yolks, and with the whites, do what you want, for example: “Relive your depressed youth, fuck them on your hair, model yourself a shitty Iroquois and look like you’re punk rock.” What about cooking? “Let it cook until it’s done, damn.” Well, it’s not complicated.

Nat’s What I Reckon on Youtube.

4- With gentle mobility

Decor Export
Photo Michael Sellam. Eric Tabuchi and Nelly Monnier

How to be disoriented by proxy? Artists Eric Tabuchi and Nelly Monnier have found a very clever solution. And perhaps have the best trip of their lives … in confinement. Depressed by the confinement and inspired by Chinese gymnastics videos, they ordered a green photo background in front of which they photographed themselves. Then, they launched an appeal to Internet users: “Download our silhouettes, take us on a journey through the settings of your choice (garden, deserted city, film, etc.), then send us back these souvenir photos.” The project met with enthusiasm: they received more than 600 photo montages. The 250 contributors moved them in space and in time: on the A22 motorway, on the Moon, in the caves of Lascaux in Dordogne, or even next to Le Havre, in San Francisco in the 60s, in a film by Jacques Tati and even on The Raft of the Medusa, Géricault’s painting. Their ubiquity, rather exceptional in these times, has seduced Poursuite editions which will publish a book very soon, entitled Decor-Export.

Nelly Monnier and Éric Tabuchi

5- With soundtrack in loop

For movie soundtrack fades, we can’t recommend highly enough that you put yourself under a duvet and under a helmet with an hour and a half of mix by Josh, one of the Safdie brothers – the duo, with Ben, responsible for the fascinating twists and turns weights Good time and Uncut Gems. You can listen to it on their SoundCloud page, Elara, like a mental film where excerpts from dialogues and long musical phases are entirely entangled in the same tense texture, with among others Joe Delia (Driller Killer), from Krzysztof Komeda (the theme of Roman Polanski’s film Rosemary’s Baby) and Can (the soundtrack of the film Deep end by Jerzy Skolimowski).

Didier Péron


Clementine Mercier


Guillaume Tion


Marie Klock


Lelo Jimmy Batista



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