With a Nazi architect

“Walking is forbidden, we still have the process, in particular that of the artists”, jokes Guillaume Monsaingeon, curator of “Steps, Steps”, in a video that serves as a substitute for the exhibition. Open on February 8, the cultural event closed its doors but is not treading water. Since it is no longer possible to run, climb or hike, we walk in thought alongside artists and we explore in imagination the sleeping rooms of the Frac thanks to the skillful online conferences of Guillaume Monsaingeon. So we follow Francis Alÿs in the footsteps of the Nazi architect Albert Speer. In the video Albert’s Way, the Belgian artist goes around in a closed room for seventy hours (ten hours a day for seven days). It traces the journey of the architect of Hitler who had revisited in his cell all the places through which he had passed in his life. For Francis Alÿs, these 118 surveyed kilometers also represent a small portion of the way to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle. Alÿs thus makes walking an exercise of the mind, both physical and spiritual.

With muddy breakbeats

There are two types of trip-hop records: monuments and mediocre ones. The second ones are countless and don’t deserve to be talked about. The first, anxiety-addicted soulful attempts or inventions for vinyl crackles and drum loops at DJ Premier, are few, all prototypes, and infinitely tripping. So Smokers Delight, classic among the classics, was composed by the leedsian b-boy George Evelyn while the world expected him a new pack of futuristic house, in line with his first hits bleep’n’bass. Nay: the Englishman, raised to the soul and the good seed of cannabis, wanted only muddy breakbeats to accompany his escapes on the sofa. In doing so, he invented a genre, his own, and gave birth to the masterpiece of smoky music. The album celebrates its quarter century and comes out in a slightly enlarged version, ready to add sound to your wildest breakaways under Pinot Noir and CBD.

Photo Federico Garolla

With Pasolini, in Rome

Since it is no longer possible to wander around Rome today in search of the best spaghetti cacio e pepe, this is a great opportunity to rediscover the site that the Cinémathèque française initiated on the occasion of the Pasolini Roma exhibition and retrospective in 2013. On a map, 50 emblematic addresses are geolocated which refer you to a set of texts, photos and videos displaying the biography and intellectual system of the writer and filmmaker, from his arrival in the city, Stazione Termini, with his mother on the 28 January 1950, at his terrible death on an Ostia beach on the night of 1er to November 2, 1975. From the filming sites to the places of dredgers, from the various apartments to the Campo dei Fiori, crowded with people for his funeral “Friendship, literature, politics, love, sex, cinema” to cross again in a moving map.

Maurice Nadeau Ruth Zylberman“Maurice Nadeau”, Ruth Zylberman

With a huge editor

Documentary filmmaker Ruth Zylberman, author of the recent the Children of 209 rue Saint-Maur, has put his film for free on the great journalist and editor Maurice Nadeau. Huge editor who published and made discover in France Malcolm Lowry, Varlam Chalamov, Witold Gombrowicz, Walter Benjamin, Georges Perec, Michel Houellebecq… And founded New Letters, become the Literary Fortnight. “When they have been refused everywhere, they come to me. And often it’s worth it. ” Diving in his library, in his memories of writers, editorial meeting of the fortnight. A beautiful portrait of the publisher who disappeared on June 16, 2013 at 102 years old.

Photo DR

With cool goths

In the midst of a surge of confining anxiety, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have completed two new albums by Nine Inch Nails, Ghosts V: Together and Ghosts VI: Locusts – the first is intended to reflect an optimistic scenario of the pandemic crisis and the second, its pessimistic side. If this unexpected exit, its hanging up on the news and its presentation in cream pie dilogy are enough to arouse mistrust, doubts will quickly be dispelled: far from the collection of repackaged drawer bottoms, the two discs are also exciting that generous, basically – synthesis of all that Reznor and Ross have done best, creepy atmospheres of The Downward Spiral to the frozen anagogies of the soundtrack of The Social Network – as in form – 25 tracks over almost two and a half hours in total.

Didier Péron


Frédérique Roussel


Clementine Mercier


Olivier Lamm


Lelo Jimmy Batista

Albert’s Way

Nightmares on Wax Smokers Delight 25th Anniversary Edition (Warp).



Nine Inch Nails Ghosts V and VI available at https://www.nin.com/


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