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Atac Referendum, yellow on funds never used by the City

Atac Referendum, yellow on funds never used by the City

To break the front of the abstention, on the eve of the vote for the referendum on the future of Roman public transport, Matteo Salvini breaks in: "I have my own idea as an autonomist but as a minister I do not want to interfere, I would go to vote – says the Minister of Interior – I invite everyone to go to vote but I do not want to make invasions of the field. Of course, then there is a way and a way to vote ".

The intervention of the leader of the Carroccio was not liked on the Capitoline Hill, where the pentastellate junta hopes in a very low turnout – however under the quorum of 33 percent – that undermines a city consultation experienced by many as a referendum on 'Atac and, therefore, on the work of the municipal administration that is accompanying the company in via Prenestina on the road of the preventive arrangement.

A position that was then adopted by an important exponent of the Five Stars, Roberto Fico: «It is important to participate: every exercise of democracy is an opportunity not to be missed to make one's own voice heard and to build together our future» , the president of the Chamber writes on Facebook.

A new front of controversy between the promoters and the Campidoglio comes from the funds available, allocated by the Region and never used by the City, to inform Roman citizens about the questions on which they will have to pronounce tomorrow. «I worked a month to an amendment to the associate of the Region, approved unanimously in September – explains Alessandro Capriccioli, radical advisor to the Pisana – With the new rule the Region finances entirely the expenditure that the Municipalities must face to send a letter home of each family nucleus, to inform about the referendums called ". Despite this, Palazzo Senatorio did not use these funds "despite the Capitol had attributed precisely to budget problems the failure to send informative material to the voters", emphasizes Capriccioli.

On the referendum, promoted by the Radicals, meanwhile a bitter political confrontation continues, which sees on the one hand the supporters of the Yes – from Unindustria to the PD and FI – on the other from the No, from the unions to the M5S, Leu-Si up to the Lega, Fdi and extreme right movements like Casapound. Virginia Raggi has long claimed the path of the agreement that the Atac, a company burdened by 1.4 billion debts, has undertaken under its mandate to heal. A path completely antithetical to liberalization, embraced instead by the dem. «Democrats vote yes because in Rome a turning point is needed», the slogan of the Roman Democratic Party. According to the Campidoglio, in order for the consultation to be valid, it will be necessary to reach the quorum of one third of those entitled (about 760 thousand voters). But according to the organizing committee this is not true, because the referendum was proclaimed on January 31st, the same day on which the new Rome Capital Statute was approved, which does not provide for a quorum. © RESERVED REPRODUCTION



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