Mansor tuners created a special version of the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII sedan.

Masters installed on the model under discussion a very weighty bumper with an additional grille, twin branch pipes of the exhaust system, new rims, as well as a thoroughly underestimated ground clearance.

On the power part of the car equipped with a powerful 6.75-liter engine at 610 hp

Upholstery was made of leather of the highest quality. Tuners used a characteristic diamond-shaped stitching.

In addition, the wizard from Mansor installed the ceiling lighting and sills of the machine.

According to automotive experts, the decision of the tuning studio staff has transformed the car for the better. Now and without that gorgeous car looks much more solid.

Along with admiration, a logical question is brewing – how much can such magnificence cost? Alas, the price has not yet been voiced. Probably the car is now worth even more than the factory version.

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