Athens, the seductive fusion of history and the passage of time

Equally sloppy and elegant, Athens is unmistakably a beguiling mix of history and avant-garde. That said, if we had to name really irresistible travel destinations for any traveler, one of them would be this fascinating city, since its imposing archaeological remains contrast with its bustling and full of life atmosphere, making it absolutely unique and special. The truth is that the restless and festive “soul” of Athens falls in love with walking through its squares and streets, eating in its restaurants, getting lost in its markets…, although it is when visiting its monuments that you discover the immense value of everything that treasures, not in vain was it considered the capital of the world in ancient times.

The tourist attractions of Athens are many, but if we had to name the main one it is its Acropolis, did you know that it is considered one of the most important places in the history of mankind? Centuries of historical events have passed before the majestic temples that house this “upper city” that served as defense and worship, and which was the epicenter of Greek civilization in its greatest splendor. An essential visit, its location is privileged, It is located on the flat top of a rocky promontory, crowning Athens and surrounded by a monumental landscape in which it seems that the historical memory that floats in the environment and the nature of the surroundings beautify it even more.