Athlete choice 2021: top place with the club and as a goal scorer

Euskirchen-Palmersheim –

She is a Palmersheim girl through and through: Wina Wipperfürth, handball player in the women’s team of TV Palmersheim. Wait a minute, Wina? “My parents Germanized the name from Weena from the film »Die Zeitmaschine«”, says the 23-year-old, who is quite surprised about her nomination. “I always found it exciting to see who was nominated over the years, but I didn’t expect myself here,” adds a happy Wina Wipperfürth.

With the TVP handball team, she is rocking the women’s district league this season. After eight games, the Palmersheimers are in a clean slate and 16-0 points at the top of the table and have good chances of promotion to the national league. The right-hander prefers the offensive. She doesn’t really care where. “I love the physical wrangling in the circle and in the backcourt it’s the technical things like game control and shots,” says the Palmersheim native.

Two seasons at HV Erftstadt

At the age of five she started playing handball in Palmersheim and in the meantime has only once betrayed the TVP, where she is now also a volunteer ladies’ waiter. From 2013 to 2015 she played in the youth team of HV Erftstadt. Since then, however, red and white blood has been flowing through her veins again, her full concentration and her 100 percent identification are with TV Palmersheim.

The administrative clerk is the most dangerous player in the league; she has already scored 46 goals this season. She would like to defend this top spot. In terms of sport, she definitely wants to play at a higher level, preferably with the TVP.

And related to the election? She replies coolly: “Becoming athlete of the year would be a dream come true.” But the priority is the team, because team success is above everything else. “We have a well-rehearsed and ambitious squad that we can move up to at the end of the season.”