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Athletic Justice

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Pierre-Ambroise Bosse has been indicted. His lawyer and his agent shall specify the facts and the line of defence of the reigning world champion in the 800m. The party opposite also.

Athletics - BOSSE Pierre-Ambroise (FRA) - Pierre-Ambroise Bosse was assaulted last August. (A. Mounic/Team)

Pierre-Ambroise Bosse was assaulted last August. (A. Mounic/The Team)

Be assaulted, and be put in review… Welcome in France…” Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, just back from two months of training in Australia and New Zealand had little appreciated his indictment “for voluntary violence with the use or threat of a weapon“, the conclusion of a discrete audition of three-quarters of an hour by the investigating judge, Monday, in Bordeaux. More than six months, – it was in the night from 25 to 26 August – after the altercation between the reigning world champion in the 800m and a former linebacker amateur on a parking lot dark of the casino of Gujan-Mestras, the justice strives to illuminate the scene : a jet (it is the act of violence) of the bobbin (this is the weapon) on the part of PAB, one or more strokes that depart in retaliation, in the end a wounded face, fractures and eighteen days of ITT and in the days after a runaway media with a passage in Fogiel, or 7 to 8 exclusive pics and in VOD.

An indictment is not a judgment of guilt, details Master Antenni that ensures the defense, which was until then very discreet Pierre-Ambroise Bosse. in This is a logical continuation in the framework of the strategy of the opposing defense. We are waiting for the referral to the criminal court, which will confirm that there were not two victims but only one.” The champion, which is primarily concerned with his injury recurring in the ischio which prevents a train, is on the same line : “We will count the points at the end, I’m not worried.” it could be before the end of the year.

“This will be the tribunal to judge whether a jet can justify a punch or two -”

In the camp in the face of the very active Master Dupin, without denying that “responsibility” of its client, seeks to minimize : “If Mr Bump, which was very alcoholic (1,76 grams) had not thrown a can into a glass, it would be nothing, past. My client has protected the figure with its arms, it has a reaction. This will be at the court to judge if a jet can justify a punch or two.” It is a shame that the hand offered by his client, who risk a fine and suspended prison sentence, was refused. “This case could not exceed the bureau of the gendarmerie is set around a beer after a rugby match surly, or appearance immediately.” What is called in the jargon a hearing wad-pif. “But he made a presentation on incorrect facts and has decided on an orchestration of the media. I have nothing against parades, media, but you have to tell the whole truth. We just have a policy of complete understanding of the folder.” where the complaint.

Kevin Hautcoeur, the agent of Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, would have liked a statement more discreet. “If they weren’t talking, we wouldn’t talk. I note that, in the end there is one that has been bashed and not the other. The Point bar.

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