Athletic will donate large sum of money to organizations, african-american crisis-racial in the U.S.

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The murder of the african-american George Floyd in the hands of a Minneapolis police has generated dozens of protests in different cities of the united States. In addition to disagreement in different stars of Major League Baseball (MLB) and the world. It is for this that the Athletic of Oakland donate 100 thousand dollars to these organizations african-american to show their solidarity.

As noted, channel tv sports, the californian reported that: “We are heartbroken and saddened by the inequalities that persist in this country and the impact that is felt in our community. We stand in solidarity with the african american community in Oakland and beyond against racism and injustice.”

In addition, closed their words with: “we will Continue to support local organizations through the donation of $100,000 today to the Chamber of Commerce african-American from Oakland, NAACP Oakland and 100 black Men of the Bay Area, who work tirelessly to meet the needs of the african-american community”.

It was the message of the organization to show solidarity with what happened with Floyd, who was declared dead after suffering a brutal attack of an officer of the Minneapolis police, which was recorded on video and exposed immediately in social networks, whose attack caused the outrage of millions of people not just in America but in the rest of the world.

In addition, it should be noted that according to TMZ, u.s. website dedicated to news on celebrities, former boxer Floyd Mayweather has offered to fund the funeral of George Floyd in four states, to pay a tribute and show solidarity with their families.





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