ATM alert: this is what is happening throughout Italy

ATMs still alert throughout Italy, citizens are tired of not being able to withdraw, this is what is happening.

The ATMs started not working tonight and citizens were stuck with withdrawals. For all circuits it is now almost impossible ( Payment Bancomat, VisaVPay, Mastercard.)

ATM alert: the fear of citizens

Many have thought that the Bank, for some trivial reason he blocked the cards. Or was it some other attempt at the Government to limit the circulation of cash. But perhaps this last point was not mistaken!

In fact, the Government has decided to limit cash since the beginning of 2023. Especially for high amounts, in fact if now the limit for current accounts is € 2000, it will probably be € 1000 and for Postepay will decrease from the current € 600 per day, down to a scant € 200. But for now the figures are just hypotheses.

The real hypothesis, however, is that of having less bank branches to use and make the pos mandatory for shops and freelancers.

To avoid withdrawals, moreover, they will also increase commissions on withdrawals at banks other than your own account.

With this it State wants to implement a plan to limit computer fraud and limit tax evasion. And he probably will!

Unusable ATMs: Here’s what happened

It is not the first time this has happened, according to some sources, it can avert an attack hacker from Russia, at least for now. In fact, at the beginning of the conflict, Russia had threatened various cyber attacks. Already the services of digital security they are on alert and ready to intervene in the face of this scenario, but so far everything is ok and monitored.

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The failure, like a few months ago, may be due to the supply chain of digital payments. A malfunction that can cost the whole country dearly!

The state is pushing in the direction of digital payments and therefore is gradually going to standardize all similar services and also to test them. For this reason it is possible that the failures can continue unfortunately.

Many also complain of failures with the Postepay and therefore many problems with top-ups and payments, especially at night.

The truth is that these online services they are not always available as they tell us. But often at night they don’t work because they make updates to the service and certain operations cannot be done. You probably can’t even see your balance, so you might be worried.

The digitization involves various updating and maintenance processes and gradually we will have more and more inefficiencies, to have guaranteed a better service!