Atom Bank is the UK’s largest company with a four-day workweek – Executive Digest

Atom Bank has become the largest British employer to introduce a four-day workweek for its 430 employees, with no cuts in wages.

The company had been one of the pioneers in working exclusively online, reveals ‘elEconomista’, and now gives its employees the option of working 34 hours a week spread over four days, maintaining their salary, instead of the previous 37.5 hours a week in five business days.

Thus, there are no longer Mondays or Fridays, unless strictly necessary in order to guarantee the level of service and attention to the entity’s customers.

“A four-day week will give our employees more opportunities to pursue their passions, spend time with their families and build a healthier work-life balance,” said Mark Mullen, CEO of the bank, according to ‘Express’ .

He adds that “the 20th century concept of a five-day week, in many cases, is not the most appropriate… At Atom, we believe the time is right for the next evolution in the world of work.”