Atomic Heart creators deny they collect data for the Russian government

Mundfish, the development studio for Atomic Hearthas denied collecting data of the visitors of your web page to sell them to Russian intelligence services (the Federal Security Service) after the economic environment AIN.Capital reported last week on these facts, among other accusations such as that the studio is based in Russia and that it is financed by oligarchs from the Russian gas company Gazprom.

That header spread something present in the Russian website of Mundfish (not so in the Spanish nor in the rest of the adaptations to other countries): a privacy policy where navigators were informed that their data could be collected and shared to the Russian authorities, in particular the Russian Tax Agency and the Federal Security Service.

“Our game and our website do not collect any information or data,” said one representative of Mundfish in a statement sent to GamesRadar. “The privacy statement of the website is outdated and wrong, and should have been removed years ago. We have closed the shop [de la web] to ensure our fans the integrity of our study and our products. We apologize for any confusion on this issue.”

Mundfish leaves other accusations unresolved

However, as they point out from that medium, they do not clarify other issues that appear in the article by AIN.Capital. Of first, they do not say if at any time that data collection was effective. In that header they state that the development studio is based in RussiaHowever, the creators say on their official website that they are an international studio based in Cyprus.

I also know calls into question the origin of investments to finance the team founded in 2017. “Our investors are Gaijin Entertainment, Gem Capital and Tencent. Our hardware partner is Nvidia,” the team says on its website. But the medium clarifies about Gem Capital: “It is financed by Russian investors, including a former chief executive of Gazprom [Anatoly Pali] with close ties to the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and the sanctioned bank VTB”.

Focus Entertainment distribuir Atomic Heart in the West for PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One on February 21st. It will be available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass from the day of launch.