ATP announces a new modification for the ranking

He ranking ATP It has been one of the aspects that has suffered the most changes in recent months due to the pandemic. In order not to punish players who decided to stay at home due to the risk of traveling internationally, the governing body of the men’s circuit decided to extend the limits of the ranking, turning it into a system that counted the last 22 months and not the best results of the last year (12 months).

Thus, the tennis players did not defend their best results. Staying at home did not imply lose points of your best results, a relief for many and a solution that impaired mobility within the qualifying system. At the beginning of this year, due to doubts and problems to conform the definitive calendar of 2021, the ATP extended this period, including the first two months of this year. Nor would the points harvested in tournaments like the Open de Australia, Rotterdam or Dubai throughout 2020. Tennis players who played a tournament twice in the current 24 months would only count towards their ranking the event in which they achieved the best result.

Now, the ATP has made a new decision and has modified the ranking system again. In this sense, what it has done has been to extend its limits: the ranking starts to count the best results by 24 months and two more weeks, specifically until March 15, 2021. What does this imply, mainly? The points harvested during Indian Wells 2019, a tournament in which Dominic Thiem was proclaimed champion after beating Roger Federer in the final, they will not fall either.

The fall of the calendar (at least provisionally) of the US tournament has pushed the ATP to make this decision, which causes the ranking to ‘stall’ even more for 14 days in March. Of course, the ATP also confirmed that throughout 2021 we will experience a Race as usual: to access the ATP Finals played in Turin, only events played in 2021 will count towards a player’s ranking.

Thus, this extension does not affect a decision that we already have at Puntodebreak: that of increasing the number of tournaments that count towards the ranking. Starting in 2021, tennis players will be able to count their 19 best tournaments instead of the 18 places in contention previously. This would be the breakdown of a player:

– Results in the 4 Grand Slams

– Results in the 8 mandatory Masters 1000

– Best 7 results in the rest of the tournaments (ATP Cup, ATP 500, ATP 250, Challenger, ITF).



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