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The happiness that Anggy Díaz radiated was turned off just a few months after marrying who she thought was the love of her life; same as she snatched that immense desire to live.

It was Wednesday, January 11, when the authorities found the body of the 21-year-old girl at the couple’s home, located in a rural area near Magnolia, about 44 miles northwest of Houston, Texas (United States). ). The crime scene was gruesome, Anggy’s body was found in one of the rooms, but her head was found inside a bathtub. It may interest you: Colombian was beheaded and thrown into the sea by her ex-partner in Spain

Her husband, Jared Dicus, also 21, allegedly confessed to police that he decapitated her with a kitchen knife.

Dicus’s parents were the ones who called 911 to report the crime that their son had allegedly committed. Apparently, when the uniformed officers arrived at the site, the young man was waiting for them to tell them what he had done.

“The suspect was there and was taken into custody at the scene and we brought him (to the police station) and his parents to interview them,” Sheriff Guidry said.

The authorities are investigating the motive for the homicide, which would have occurred between 10:30 and 11 am on that same Wednesday.

In images captured on security cameras at the place where Anggy worked, the moment in which Jared Dicus got out of the vehicle, entered the premises, had an energy drink and left without paying was recorded. Apparently, this was done minutes after having assassinated Díaz.

The suspect was booked into the Waller County Jail and bail was set at $500,000.

Who was Anggy Diaz?

The young woman was of Nicaraguan origin, having immigrated to the US about four years ago. According to Univision, Díaz’s plan was to meet with her biological mother in Texas. He lived with her until she met the boy who would become her husband. They were married on October 13 and the immigrant moved to the home of her in-laws.

Anggy worked at least two jobs because she was looking to save money to pay for treatment for her foster mom, who lives in Nicaragua. Her mother has breast cancer.

Despite the sadness and concern for her mother’s health, Anggy was described by her friends as a very happy young woman who liked to dance and make videos to upload to social networks. Also read: The suspect would have committed suicide: Colombian was murdered in Miami Beach

The young woman a few days ago had been accredited as a fitness trainer, even so, she works in a store called Chepes Meat Market.

Dania Díaz, Anggy’s mother, said in an interview with Univision 45 that she still could not assimilate this loss. “My girl is unique, she is special, she was a strong girl, a girl who was always happy, the joy of people is enviable, so there are people who are offended by the smiles of others,” she said sadly.

fleeting relationship

According to local Houston media, Anggy Díaz had met Jared Dicus at Chepes Meat Market, where she worked; Just a few days after meeting him, they got married in a private ceremony less than four months ago and to which neither relatives nor friends of the couple were invited.

A friend of the victim told the New York Post that Díaz had confessed to her that Dicus was a jealous person.

Despite the fact that Anggy shared photos on social networks where she looked very happy with her partner, some friends and family believe that the young woman suffered domestic violence, but others say that they never suspected Dicus, since they seemed happy.

He posted a video saying, ‘she’s mine,’ on social media, and it was weird why no one asked him that…it came out of nowhere.”

Friend of the victim

The last time the source saw the couple together dates back to a work party in December that Dicus suddenly showed up to. “Everyone was having a good time and he looked pretty upset when he left the place,” he described.

They ask for help

The relatives of Anggy Díaz are plunged in grief for the death of the young woman. Dania Díaz, Anggy Díaz’s biological mother, told local media that she hopes that women who suffer violence in the world identify with the case of her daughter and can escape in time.

Diaz’s friends and family have started a GoFundMe page to help with funeral costs and to repatriate her to her native Nicaragua.

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