Attack in Magnanville: a policewoman and her children arrested

Attack in Magnanville: a policewoman and her children arrested

These guards aim to establish how the terrorist Larossi Abballa chose his victims and found their address.
The daughter of a policewoman and a young woman of his relations, radical Islamist, placed in custody, the policewoman herself arrested with her son and two members of his entourage … If caution is needed before the end of the guards at sight, the last rebound of the investigation on the murder of two police officers in Magnanville (Yvelines), on June 13, 2016, is most spectacular. Nearly two years after the bombing, police continue to wonder why the terrorist Larossi Abballa targeted police couple Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and Jessica Schneider, killed with knives , Jessica Schneider being murdered in the presence of their 3 year old son. Until now, this choice remained enigmatic: from a source close to the record, it was always clear that there was no reason to believe that the Abballa offender had crossed the road of police commander Salvaing in the context of police or judicial proceedings. The Islamist was certainly aware of the address of the couple and he made scouting before going on the attack. Did Abballa then hit by chance or was it given information about its targets? »READ ALSO – Police killed in Magnanville: five-question inquiry A file S The strike carried out Monday by the antiterrorist sub-directorate (Sdat) with the help of the Raid aims to try to clarify this mystery. In the six persons, three women and three men, placed in police custody, there is a 48-year-old female police officer, former trade unionist for Alliance. She would not be blamed directly. His daughter, 29, is also heard. Finally one of the knowledge of this last, radical Islamist stuck S and aged 25, was also placed in custody after being extracted from his cell. In another case, she was indeed indicted and imprisoned in 2017 for criminal conspiracy in relation to a terrorist company. It would have helped Islamists to leave for the Syrian-Iraqi zone. As for the three men, aged 26, 30 and 33, it is the brother of the S, who knew Abballa, a member of the entourage of the policewoman and son. Police Major, the latter had been the subject of an internal police investigation in 2016 for having hosted the knowledge of her daughter stuck S. Note in passing that the police “basic” have no legal means to know if a person is covered by an S-form, a confidential intelligence tool, what deplore besides the officials stationed in the Yvelines . In the six people targeted by the arrests on Monday, the radical Islamist already incarcerated seems to be at the heart of interrogations investigators. The interrogations may help to know if she was able to glean valuable information and make it available to those preparing the Magnanville attack. The “Rachid Kassim galaxy” Because, if the question of the choice of the target still arises, the investigation has made progress on that of the complicities which would have benefited Larossi Abballa. We already knew that he was in contact, via social networks, with the “Rachid Kassim galaxy”, jihadist behind several attacks in France who would have died in the Syrian-Iraqi zone . Two of his contacts, radical Islamists, Charaf Din Aberouz and Saad Rajraji, sentenced with him in 2013 in a jihadist sector, were indicted for logistical support without direct participation in the attack. They were released and placed under judicial control. Charaf Din Aberouz’s brother, Mohamed Lamine, was indicted in December last year. this time for “complicity in terrorist murders” and incarcerated. He had been detained in the spring of 2017 and released without being prosecuted. A few months later, the police had established a link between him and a DNA trace found on the police computer used by Larossi Abballa to claim his attack on behalf of the Islamic State.

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