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Attack of the New York Port Authority: Bomber found guilty

Akayed Ullah, convicted on November 6, 2018, of terrorist charges after delivering a bomb in December 2017 in New York Cityimage rights
AFP / NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission

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Ullah came to the US in 2011

A Bangladeshi immigrant who dropped a makeshift pipe bomb near a bustling New York City bus station was convicted of terrorism.

Akayed Ullah, 28, unleashed the bomb last December during the morning rush hour, causing severe burns but only slightly injured five.

The prosecution said he told the investigators that he had done it on behalf of the militant Islamic State Group (IS).

It was described in court as a terrorist attack "lone wolf".

Ullah aimed an underground passageway on December 11, 2017, near the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan – the busiest in the world.

His defense team argued that he only wanted to kill himself in the attack. Ullah denied the allegations in January.

"In this case, it's not about a foreign terrorist organization planting an agent in our midst," his lawyer Julia Gatto told the judges.

Her client was "a deeply affected, isolated young man who wanted to commit suicide".

The prosecution dismissed this allegation, reminding the court that he had a bomb strapped to his body to hurt others.

Deputy US Attorney Rebekah Donaleski said Ullah built the device from a construction site he was working on.

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media labelingHow events evolved

Five people suffered minor injuries, but Ullah from Brooklyn was treated for severe burns.

A photo circulating on social media at the time showed that he was lying on the ground, his clothes and torsos torn.

Akayed Ullah, a resident US citizen, entered the country in 2011 with an immigration visa.

He was charged with six crimes, including the use of a weapon of mass destruction and the material support of the IS.

Who is the attacker?

The federal court in Manhattan still has to be convicted.


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