Attack of Trèbes: did the GIGN intervene too late to save Arnaud Beltrame?


According to what chronology took place the events during the attack on the Super U of Trèbes by Radouane Lakdim on March 25th? According to Le Parisien , a certain time would have elapsed between Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame’s attempt to disarm the terrorist and the intervention of the GIGN. The ongoing judicial inquiry is trying to trace the four hours between the beginning of the attack, in the morning, and the assault of the police, in the early afternoon. The chronology of the first hours seems precise: Radouane Lakdim enters the supermarket at 10:39 and kill two men at the cash , butcher chef Christian Medves and a client, Hervé Sosna. At 11 am, the platoon of surveillance and intervention of the gendarmerie of Carcassone and the GIGN of Toulouse circle the sector and go into operation. “They take up position in the video surveillance room” and release refugee hostages in a cold room, says Le Parisien . The terrorist, he, retrenched in the vault room keeping a hostess cashier hostage. The Beltrame initiative has caused tensions At 11:28, Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame takes the place of the cashier, telling Radouane Lakdim that he will replace her as a hostage , which causes a moment of tension to the central crisis cell of the gendarmerie, in the Paris region. Beltrame then enters the vault room, without a bulletproof vest, and after putting his pistol outside. He leaves his phone on to allow his colleagues to hear the exchange that is playing. For nearly three hours, attempts to negotiate with the terrorist succeed one another. A psychologist is called, as well as the mother and sister of Lakdim. In vain. The attacker threatens to “blow everything up”. Meanwhile, a national team of the GIGN is sent on the spot aboard three helicopters. Shadow zone on the response time At 14h16, everything switches. While the reinforcements have not arrived yet, Arnaud Beltrame tries to disarm the terrorist. On the phone, his colleagues hear him scream “Assault! Assault!” then three shots sound. In the wake, the assault is given by the GIGN. Arnaud Beltrame, hit by bullets and stabbed in the neck, is evacuated in critical condition. He will die in hospital a few hours later. The shadow zone is located on the time that elapsed between Beltrame’s call and GIGN’s intervention. According to Le Parisien no delay before the final assault is mentioned in the intervention report submitted to the court. But the newspaper says that 10 minutes of beat would have been accounted for. For now, the gendarmerie refuses to comment on this information. An internal source, however, would say that some time had elapsed, due to the need to locate the explosive devices scattered in the store by Lakdim before involving the gendarmes.


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