Attack of Trebes: Shadow areas remain on the assault


JT 20H – According to information, the GIGN would have waited ten minutes after the first shots against Arnaud Beltrame before intervening. 2018-04-16T18: 01: 31.000Z – The official account of the Trèbes bombing of March 23rd seemed clear and without appeal. In recent days, however, doubts have tarnished the scenario of the assault. At the center of the controversy, a chronology of the operation, in minute and implacable theory. The beginning is already known but the intervention led by the GIGN would have taken place only ten minutes after the launch of the assault signal. A delay that would not be included in the report sent to justice. This subject was broadcast in the television news of 20H of 16/04/2018 presented by Gilles Bouleau on TF1. You will find on the program of the 20H news of April 16, 2018 reports on current political economic, international and cultural, analyzes and rebounds on the main topics of the day, topics in the regions and surveys on topics that concern the daily French. Update : created:


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