Attack of Trèbes: the last minutes of Colonel Beltrame


Nearly a month after the attack on the Super U Trèbes, in the Aude, many questions remain. The Parisian On Monday, he managed to reconstruct the story of the events that led to the death of Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame. He also wondered about a possible dysfunction of the GIGN intervention system ( National Gendarmerie Intervention Group ) That day. When Radouane Lakdim arrives in the Super U of Trèbes, it is 10:39 this Friday, March 23rd. About fifty people are present, and the assailant shot straight down the chief butcher of the establishment, Christian Medves, as well as a client, Hervé Sosna.
According to the national plan of intervention, the first units arrived on the spot manage the crisis. This is the platoon of surveillance and intervention of the Gendarmerie of Carcassonne, then men of the antenna of GIGN of Toulouse . The gendarmes thus direct the operation and take position in the video surveillance room of the supermarket. Led by the Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame , the highest ranking on the spot, they managed to free the hostages refugees in a cold room. In the safe room, Radouane Lakdim entrenched herself with a cashier.

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An assault and no immediate reaction
It is then 11:28 and Arnaud Beltrame decides to to be hostage instead of hostess . He thus enters the vault room, without belt, depositing his Sig Sauer 9mm service weapon on the ground, outside. He does not wear a bulletproof vest, but has left his mobile phone on. At the activated crisis cell at the general direction of the gendarmerie, the initiative of the lieutenant-colonel creates additional tension. At 12:10, the crisis negotiation was initiated, managed from the GIGN headquarters in Yvelines. Because, as the daily explains, “to intervene out of emergency situation, the local antenna must obtain the approval of the national level”. The latter has sent three helicopters. Meanwhile, on the spot, the authorities are trying to save time.
After a brief exit of the assailant where he holds his hostage under the threat of a weapon, the general director of the gendarmerie, the general Richard Lizyrey, wishes to take action. Order is therefore given to take every opportunity to neutralize Radouane Lakdim. But at 14:16, while the GIGN helicopters are not yet on site, Arnaud Beltrame tries to disarm the terrorist. according to The Parisian , on the recordings of the exchanges with the assailant, “we hear confusedly assault, assault! Then three shots. And the daily said that it will then wait ten minutes for nine men to intervene and neutralize Radouane Lakdim. According to information from Parisian , the intervention report sent to justice does not mention this delay.

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The General Directorate of the Gendarmerie refused to comment on the daily news, citing an ongoing investigation. A source familiar with the case, however, emphasizes that “it was necessary to locate and evaluate the trapping before neutralizing them”. Three artisanal loads were found. According to the results of the autopsy, Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame died of a stab wound on the trachea. His gunshot wounds on his foot and arm were not lethal.


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