Attack on Cristina Kirchner: Agustina Díaz denied her participation in the attempted assassination of the vice president | Her lawyers assure that she was not in Recoleta on the date of the attack

Agustina Diazone of those accused of the attack on Cristina Kirchner, was questioned again by federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti this Wednesday, where He denied his participation in the events and questioned the assassination attempt against the vice president.

“She repudiates the attack”assured his lawyer, Javier Molina, who requested the meeting with the aim of trying deny that the accused had any participation directly with the attempted assassination of the former president.

“We are going to present the request for lack of merit because there are no reasons for her to be detained,” Molina highlighted in dialogue with the press, while adding that “what keeps her detained are the messages with Brenda” and that her client “never believed that they were going to do what they did, She is sorry for the messages I send”.

The lawyers’ movement aims to detach Díaz from the organization and direct participation in the events that occurred in Recoleta on September 1 last. In this sense, they insist on denying that the defendant was in the vicinity of Cristina Kirchner’s apartment.

Diaz’s defense

In his contact with the press, the lawyer emphasized that Díaz was not in the vicinity of the vice president’s home: “It is clear that the images that were transmitted by some media were incorrect, in that it was she who was in the surroundings of Cristina Kirchner’s house, so we are going to start lawsuits for damages. It was credited with the geolocation of the phone that on the day of the attack she was at her house “.

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And he continued: “The images were not in the file but they are things that were spread in the media, we were the ones who incorporated this issue on the day to date. We do not want it to have a social sentence.”

The other alibi is that, according to the lawyers, The young woman from San Miguel had not been to the Federal Capital since May of last yearfor which it would be impossible for him to be in the place.

Prior to Diaz’s statement, her lawyer revealed that the young woman “is waiting and waiting for a prompt resolution” and that “there are no elements for her to be prosecuted. She did not know Carrizo.”

On Thursday of last week, the judge refused to release Díaz after it was confirmed, through the skills, that he had talked with Brenda Uliarte about possible ways to attack the vice president.

“I had Cristina killed; she didn’t come out because she went inside,” says one of the messages that Uliarte sent to Díaz on August 27, according to the file.

Processes to resolve

For the time being, Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti has not yet decided whether or not to prosecute Agustina Díaz, a close friend of Brenda Uliarte and to whom she had told him about the planning of the attack, according to the text messages between the two.

The judge also did not resolve the accusation of Nicholas Carrizocalled the alleged leader of the “Los Copitos” gang for being the owner of the enterprise with which Uliarte concealed his presence in different mobilizations.

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Up to now, the only defendants continue to be Brenda Uliarte and her boyfriend Fernando Sabag Montiel, the man who fired the gun in Cristina Kirchner’s face. The judicial investigation accuses them of attempted homicide aggravated by treachery, for the use of weapons and for having been planned with premeditation.